Sisom - How is your child, actually?

Jump into the boat and travel from island to island and explain how you are on the trip. You can for example visit the school island where you can tell how you are at school or the volcano island where you can tell what you are afraid of.

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One doesn't always know for sure

The last couple of years, with the pandemic and other challenges, have affected the quality of life for all of us, both children and adults. But how do we know who is having difficulties and do we really know how our closest ones actually are? Fortunately we are living in a society where openness and respect for other peoples' feelings is natural. But we know that people still have trouble «saying it as it is», either it is a colleague, a friend, or our children that has difficulties in their life that they don't necessarily share with others.

Sisom lets children «say it as it is»

Sisom is a communication game designed for children of the age 5-12 years to understand how the child actually are doing. The game is developed in cooperation with scientists and several international studies has been conducted that shows Sisom creates a good foundation for further conversation between children and adults. It has been shown that even though the children seemingly is doing very well, there can sometimes be problems that they hide and don't want to share. This can for example be school related difficulties or things at home.

Go for a boat trip!

Sisom is designed as a boat trip where one can travel to different islands that prompts children with questions about their life accompanied by recognizable animations. The questions address topics that experience shows can lead to negative thoughts and feelings. An example is whether the child gets to play with the others, maybe they are getting teased or bullied without telling anyone, or maybe they are having difficulties speaking up in class.

The good conversation

At the end of the boat trip you will get a nice graphical report that shows what the child answered on the different questions that is easy to go through with the child. You will also be given concrete answers that later can be used in conversations with the school if it turns out the child is having more difficulties than you were aware of.

Topics of the game

Sisom addresses a range of topics that is relevant for the childs life. This section shows which areas you may expect to get to know your child better in.

Home and leisure

Home and leisure

  • Close relations
  • Homework
  • Diet
  • Sleep and rest
At school

At school

  • Way to school
  • Classmates
  • Recess
  • Problems with learning
  • Relation to teacher
Volcano island

Volcano island

  • Dreading things?
  • Stress
  • Afraid of things?
Thoughts and feelings

Thoughts and feelings

  • Self image
  • Frustration
  • Loneliness and sadness
At the hospital*

At the hospital*

  • Treatment
  • A say in decisions
  • Longing
My body*

My body*

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Physical problems
  • Physical discomforts
  • At the toilet
  • Ones appearance

*Part of the somatic package, which can be added if relevant.

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